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Welcome to

This site is devoted to providing photographs of various country events, particularly country sports, for those taking part (mainly pheasant shooting, beating, picking-up, gundog training etc) and also to assist those wanting to participate in beating.  We also advertise places for beaters, pickers-up, gamekeepers, loaders etc.

On the request of people at previous events you are now able to order the photos online and they will arrive very quickly!  We also provide our own calendars,  plus commercial calendars via our 'bookshop' - they are two different pages.  There is an outdoor kit shop supplying anything from welly socks to dog food!

are not going to find many 'arty' photos on here ... no photos that have been digitally enhanced to create a special 'image'.  Just some 'old-fashioned' snapshots ... genuine photographs recording what the eye could have seen at the time, with the very lowest of digital adjustment.

Please have a good look around if you are interested in gamekeeping, shooting, beating, picking-up etc.

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We are about to offer a FREE beaters' forum. Please revisit for further info.

You can visit the vacancies page on for vacancies on different field-sports etc.
Visit the shootpics outdoor shop - below are just a few product examples, much more at the shop
Clay shooting game.
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