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How did it all start?

Years ago I bought a super video camera and used it on our family pheasant shoot in Sussex.  It was a great day and then we all went to my parents' house for dinner and a glass or two!

The guests pushed me to run the tapes, so with no editing I connected the camera to the TV.  It was fantastic to watch their reaction and hear the comments and screams of delight as they watched themselves!  (Especially Lady 'X' who couldn't believe how bad her language was when trying to control her dogs, LOL!)

They insisted on me running the video again and again, each time noticing something different and laughing their heads off!  It was a truly remarkable evening and a wonderful way to finish a great day.

I have enjoyed taking photos and the odd video at events, especially sporting venues.  Now that is mainly photographing pheasant shoots, partridge shoots etc but used to be a lot of cricket, boxing, athletics, football etc.

Inevitably, I did wedding photography (uh oh!) and portraits as well as commercial work for advertising, magazines etc.

But these days I stick to shoots as I cannot lug all the gear around - so my loft is full of unused ancient camera equipment!

People invariably ask for a few photos so this site will help as having an online facility means you can quickly order and receive prints and other products of your choice, direct from a quality photo-lab.
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As I always carry a bridge camera with me (my usual 'gear' is so heavy now!) I asked the keeper on a pheasant shoot where I go beating if he would mind if I took some photos.  He heartily agreed, so I grabbed every chance to get some candid photos whilst beating - not ideal, but good fun!

Another pheasant shoot captain also agreed and although the weather was pretty bad for much of the day, I managed to get a few pictures there too.

The original keeper then asked me if I could take a camera for his day at the end of January, when the beaters had a chance to shoot the cock pheasants.  That was the beginning of this site as printing them locally proved very time-consuming, so there had to be an easier way. Hence, you can view/buy the photos here!
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