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Hip flasks - an essential 'aid' for the shooting, picking-up, loading and beating individual!  :-)
Hip flasks have long been used by the shooting and hunting fraternity.  There is nothing quite like a 'nip' of sloe gin, blackberry whisky, raspberry vodka etc from the 'homemade' stable, straight from a hip flask!  Or, of course, we have the wonderful King's Ginger and other commercially manufactured drinks in the shootpics shop.

On some shoots you may well see an old country tradition - guess the ingredients of the contents of a hip flask!  Quite often the guns will have a hip flask with their own special cocktail ...... and if another gun can guess (say) 3 of the constituent 'drinks' in their hip flask then they can have a second swig!

Here you can select and buy from plenty of hip flasks on offer today.  You can often buy mini hip flasks which fit on a key ring.  And hip flasks with a funnel to fill them.  Or the full-sized, 'proper' hip flask.

Hip flasks are often made from pewter or stainless steel, though if lucky you may have a hip flask made from a more precious metal!
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