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Lyme Disease -  can disable & could be a killer.  Watch these videos.
Many of us know a bit about we've had to remove them from dogs, cats etc.  Some of us have picked up ticks ourselves ... I have, because I spend 5 months of the year wandering through the countryside + 7 months dog-walking, LOL! ... and when my daughter was younger she got a tick on her neck whilst crawling in the grass on a campsite in France.

What most of us are not properly aware of is Lyme disease (though we may have heard of it).   The possible effects on us and our bodies (and those of our animals) from Lyme Disease caused by some tick bites can be devastating...& don't I know it!  I have good days and bad days......and sometimes the bad days have lasted 3 months!

Please watch the top video to see just how dreadful it can be.  The second video clearly shows how to prevent infection.

There is a link part-way down the page, on the right, to BADA .
You may need to adjust the sound upwards on the next video.
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The best tick removal tool I've found -
Life Systems tweezers

Tick prevention week website
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