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The photos you will see on your screen are low quality images for Internet viewing.  However, behind each photo in the albums is a higher quality image that is used to produce the actual prints without 'copyright' showing.

Most of the current pictures will produce a high quality 7 x 5 inch picture.  Many will produce a good 10 x 8 picture.  It is essential to check the cropping as Photobox will automatically crop small parts. Move the red box to get the best result.

If any photos have been cropped already and a decent image cannot be produced, you will be warned on the online order form and can delete it or select a smaller size.

Please do take your time and experiment to get the results you want.
Please make sure you have the selection you want before purchasing.
The idea of this site is to capture moments in time for those who are participating in events and make the pictures available to them.  For those who were there and recognise themselves and their friends, hopefully the pictures will bring back some good memories.  They are not works of art!

The pictures will not be on here for ever as there is limited space - and more will need to be uploaded.  Eventually, they will have to disappear to make room for more.  You can order any prints or other items you may wish to have -   so, you can easily keep those memories.

Some photos may have been slightly adjusted, particularly when taken in fading light, or needing a colour re-balance and just occasionally it may be necessary for me to airbrush something out.  In general, they will be untouched.  So, no fancy false sunsets in the background.

On occasions, there may also be the odd video clip on this site to watch - there are a few to edit and upload.  The site is not here just for shooting or beating pictures - other country events will be featured and a sister site is due to be launched.
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