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Please visit our fantastic Facebook group for beaters and pickers up!

Please visit our fantastic Facebook group for beaters and pickers up!
The shoot captain watches the birds

Location:  St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Responsible 30 year-old with dog (not retrieve-trained but good at beating).

Weekend beating wanted as regularly as needed.

Beaten once before and looking for more experience.

Reasonable travel OK.


Location: Stafford

Just moved to Stafford and looking to join a beat
for the rest of the season. Weekends preferred.

Have experience and Insurance but no gun dog.


Location: Halesowen

Looking for beating - located in Halesowen.

I am new to this but keen and willing.


Location: Hampshire

I am looking for Beating in the Hampshire area
but will travel. I am available most weekends.

I am 24 and have been beating for 7 years
and also training an English Springer Spaniel
for next season.


Location: Ely, Cambs.

Looking for some beating work in or around Cambridge.

Both me and my dog (9 month old
working Cocker, currently training as a gundog)
are inexperienced but quick learners.

Happy to keep the dog on the lead
and do any donkey work!



I'm an enthusiastic and fit willing helper to beat
on your shoot in the Essex/Suffolk area.

Can bring a keen and well behaved Cocker
if required.

If you would like a FREE advert
 on here please e-mail

Your advert can also appear on the BUKs forum if you wish.

Location: NE England

Beating wanted in the northwest of England.
Retired so most days available.

Please use the form


Location: Swindon, Wiltshire 

I am looking for a shoot in the
Swindon area
where I can go beating
or picking-up with my flatcoat.

We are both experienced.

Please use the form

Location: Dorset. 

I have experience of beats on large estates
 in Lincolnshire.

Looking for local work in Dorset ...
anything game orientated.

Please use the form

Location: Mid-Norfolk.   

I am an experienced beater
with 2 Parson Russell Terriers
available for beating at shoots in Mid Norfolk.

Can bring second handler.

Please use the form

Location: Haverhill Suffolk area

Beating wanted.

Interested in helping on a pheasant shoot.

Please use the form

Location: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

I am currently looking for any Saturday beating opportunities in the Northamptonshire area
for both myself & my 14 year-old son.

I am an experienced beater & it will be a first
for my son, however he is a well-mannered lad
& extremely hardworking/reliable.

Any opportunities would be welcomed.

Please use the form

Location: Middleton on the wolds

I'm looking to try and join a shoot as a beater.
It's my first time.

I think it would be a brilliant experience,
and a job I may keep a look out for in the future.

Please use the form

Location: Market Harborough



Please use the form

Location: Lancashire

Hope someone can help me and my dog please.

Wanting to do some beating. Ready to go
any day of the week. 

Also to do some vermin control ...
just drop me and the dog an email.

Will consider any location within reason.

Please use the form

Location: West Midlands

Beater available.

Please use the form

Location: Wilts/Glos

        Beater with inexperienced but willing dog, available weekdays and Saturdays.

Please use the form

Location: Petersfield, Hampshire

 I am an experienced beater and am looking for some beating on Saturdays.

I have had 2 English Springers and am currently training a working Cocker which will be ready
for next season.

Please use the form

Location: South Essex

I have an experiened springer and am available
for beating.

Some Sats and Weds booked but otherwise clear.

I'm reliable and won't let you down whatever the weather.

Please use the form

Location: Hereford & Worchester

Beating required in Hereford and Worcestershire
for myself and my 2 sons age 16 & 19.

We have worked and beat on shoots for
over 17 years. 

We have 4 dogs we can use if needed.

Please use the form

Beater Available - West Sussex

Ex Royal Marine, with shooting experience (clay)
 but no beating experience. No dog.

Would like to learn/join mid-week shoots in and around West Sussex area.

Fit and willing at short notice.

Please use the form
ADL/bil  (27/01/2011)    

Beater & Dog Available - Shropshire

Beater and dog looking for beating
in West Midlands, ie Shropshire, for the 2011/2012 season. 

I am available any day of any week
[and my dog says he is too].

Must have dates and times so I can sort
out my diary so as not to let any one down.

Thank you all and good hunting 2011.

Please use the form
ALL/shr   (09/02/2011)    

2 Beaters and/or Pickers-up

Beating/picking-up wanted mid-week (not Fri)
for 1 or 2 people with springers + lab.

Lancs, poss Lancs, Cheshire, Yorks borders.

Please use this form
NFA/lan  (8/08/2010)    

Beating Wanted - Kent or Surrey areas

I am seeking an active role
as a beater.

Wealth of experience being an ex Gamekeeper.

Kent or Surrey

Please use the form
AKN/ke   (19/08/2010)    

Beating Wanted - nr Birmingham

Available for beating in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire areas
(a max of 1 hour's drive from Birmingham).

Some previous experience a few years ago,
beating for a pheasant shoot. 

No dog.   Saturday's only.

Also available for pest control, shotgun and air rifle.

Please use the form
TEA/wmi   (12/08/2010)    

Beating Wanted - Northumberland

Does any one need beaters in Northumberland
or surrounding counties?

I  come with plenty of experience
& BASC insurance.

Please use the form
PHE/nor   (13/09/2010)    

Beaters Available - Sudbury, Suffolk

Experienced beater looking for beating in and around the Sudbury area (Suffolk), for myself and my two boys aged 12 and 14.  They have been beating for two seasons.

Can travel 1 hour from Sudbury & can do week days and weekends. Could book days in advance if dates supplied.

Please use the form
GAN/suf   (29/09/2010)    

Beater Available - Cambridge

Female beater looking for a shoot to attend
near Cambridge. Very keen newbie.

Quick learner & practical. Available Saturdays.

Please use the form
ABE/cam   (15/09/2010)    

Beating in Notts area wanted

I am close to A46/A52. Available mid-week. 

2 season's experience & part-trained spaniel.

Willing to travel a medium distance.

Please use the form
DAS/not   (3/10/2010)    

Blackburn - Beating Wanted

looking for beating around north west
will travel hour half away

Please use the form
JAK/bla   (28/10/2010)    

Westerham, Kent - Beating Wanted

28yr old man, looking for beating, picking and trainee gamekeeping opportunities. I am very fit and not afraid of getting cold, wet and dirty and willing to work long hours. I have firearms experience, I'm a keen angler and have fishery management experience and also have experience with dogs and their welfare. Also I have experience with horses and ponies. Any correspondence would be gratefully received. Many Thanks.

Please use the form
JAS/wes   (28/10/2010)    

South Wales - beating wanted

Novice beater with Spaniel requiring experience
 in South Wales area.

Available any days / times.

Please use the form
NID/swa   (10/11/2010)    
Maidstone - beating wanted

We are a Young Farmers Club in the Maidstone area, and we are looking at trying different agricultural experiences.

We have approx 20 young farmers aged 11-20.

If there is a problem with age or number,
we can arrange something.
No experience (except me!)
but all are willing to learn!
Please use the form
CLT/mai   (29/11/2010)    

Thetford - beating wanted

Looking for beating around Thetford. 

Have a dog too.

Please use the form
MIH/the   (29/11/2010)    

Leicestershire - beating wanted

Looking for some beating
in the south of the county.

Please use the form
PAB/lei   (29/11/2010)    

Lambourn - Beating Wanted

Friendly, enthusiastic, mature (but not old!) beater/picker up, looking for shoots in the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire area. Holds FAC and SGC.

Willing and capable, and a good safe shot. Lots of pest control experience. Will help with all aspects of the shoot, as well as beating/picking up/loading.

Please use the form
MAH/lam   (29/10/2010)    

Shropshire - beating wanted

Looking for beating - any day at any time
in Shropshire and areas adjacent.

Have dog as well.
Please use the form
ALD/shr   (29/11/2010)    

Two Experienced Beaters - Devizes area

Seeking shoots for the 2010/2011 season - moved to the Devizes/Calne/Melksham area so lost  previous shoots.

Can bring dogs if required.

Please use the form
MTC/opt   (27/05/2009)    

Beater Available - Hasland, Chesterfield

outdoors person dog walker come beater
newbie 48 fit as a fiddle likes the crak beer smoke wild boar with blue stalks fishing bird watching needs to get away from divorced wife lol

Please use the form
KWI/che   (28/10/2010)    

Beating Wanted

I am available for beating at weekends.
In Shropshire / Cheshire area

Please use the form
SAC/mal   (29/12/2010)    

Beating Wanted

I am available for beating at weekends.
In Shropshire / Cheshire area

Please use the form
SAC/mal   (29/12/2010)    

Beating Wanted

Beater available mid-week and most weekends. West Midlands.

Please use the form

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Beating or picking-up required?  Just place a FREE ad on here!
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