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Our great Facebook Group!

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Our great Facebook Group!

The shoot captain watches the birds

Location:  Lincolnshire - job required anywhere in UK

 I am a very hard-working and trustworthy person. 

I am looking for a keepers job anywhere in the country.

Over 30 years experience in game rearing, keepering,
vermin control etc.

Contact   aug1302

Location:  Somerset - job required in UK

I am looking for a Keepers job.  I did gamekeeping for
18 months at a shoot called Loyton.   I covered all areas
and still help out keepers in my area with rearing,
loading, beating and do the game cart from time to time. 

I am keen to get back into keepering away from where I live!!

Contact   MED/som

Location:  Zimbabwe - job anywhere in UK

Experienced professional hunter from Africa
with small family.

Looking to relocate to the UK and would love to
continue following a career that I am comfortable in.

Contact   CNO/zim

Location:  Scotland - job anywhere in UK

Having applied to colleges to undertake the NC/HNC in Gamekeeping, I am looking for an estate willing to take me on as an Apprentice Gamekeeper or anywhere able to offer me further work experience that will assist with this course. 

I am Hard Working, Punctual, Reliable, Dependable, and have previous experience in Deer Hunting, Stripping and Jointing and have a real passion for working with wildlife, especially deer, and to have a job in the outdoors. 

Willing to relocate anywhere within the UK, ideally working with Red Deer, but all considered. 

Great References and Previous Working History Available.

Contact   ABR/abe

Location:  Oxfordshire

underkeeper job wanted
in the Oxfordshire area please

Contact   KST/oxf

Location:  Strathtay

17 yr old. Signed up for Thurs College.

Looking for a 2 year placement to get into the College.

Experience on Findynate estate for 2 years and involved in feeding pheasants, partridge and duck. 

Vermin control, trapping and taking fences down and fixing them.

Grass-cutting and planting plants trees and hedges.

Planting of shrubs and games crops.

Well-mannered, trustworthy, honest and responsible and will get on with the job no matter how horrible and dirty it is.

Time-keeping is very good.  Will work longer than expected.

If you need references please get in touch.

Contact   DWD/str
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Location: Suffolk

19 year-old, passionate & very hard working.  Worked on Heveningham Hall estate as a trainee underkeeper
for nearly 2 years &
looking to move for new challenges.

Has worked on a game farm, done gamekeeping
for a small farm shoot & helped out on many other estates. 

BTEC national diploma: countryside management (Game).  Driving licence with pass plus, shotgun & firearms licence, DSE 1 & game meat hygiene certificate. 

Trained in: rat & mice control; grey squirrel control; rabbit control; mole control; mink control
& the use of talunex & phostoxin.  

Basic tractor & teleporter driving experience.

Contact   CRR/suf

Location: North Yorkshire

Looking for a bit of work in the North Yorkshire area
such as beating, pest-controlling and farm work,
as this is what I love doing.

 Would even consider voluntary work.


Contact   JOM/noy2

Job wanted - UK. 

Looking for an underkeepers job anywhere in the UK.
Prepared to travel/move.

CV can be provided with all qualifications.   Shotgun Certificate.  BTEC first diploma countryside management/Game Management - 7 distinctions.
Worked in game dealers for just under a year. Was an underkeeper on an estate for a year + 1 year on an estate work experience.  Can strip and joint deer etc.

Contact   LAL/lod 

Job wanted - Leicestershire, UK. 

Underkeeper or beatkeeper position wanted
for 17 year-old in Leicestershire.

Studied land management at Moulton College.  

Done small scale hatching and rearing. 

Hard and willing worker. References available

Contact   LOG/lei 

Job wanted -

I am a 16 yr old, hard working lad looking for a 1 year
work placement on a grouse moor before
going to do an apprenticeship.

I have 4 years experience on a family run pheasant shoot
and go beating on grouse moors.
I have a passion for grouse and deer.

Any extra info wanted please contact me.
Contact   WEA/bed 

Job wanted -

Young enthusiastic individual seeking position as an under-keeper in the Shropshire area.

National Diploma in Countryside Management and Conservation achieved.

Contact   TRO/tel 

Job wanted -

I am a 16 yr old, hard working lad looking for a 1 year
work placement on a grouse moor before
going to do an apprenticeship.

I have 4 years experience on a family run pheasant shoot
and go beating on grouse moors.
I have a passion for grouse and deer.

Any extra info wanted please contact me.
Contact   WEA/bed 

Near Tonbridge, Kent

Hadlow College student
currently studying game and wildlife management requires 150 hours of work experience.

6 years experience of working on a driven bird shoot.
Must be within bus travelling distance of Hadlow. Available Thursdays or Mondays

Contact   HAL/can
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Gamekeeper job wanted - anywhere
19 Year old, hardworking strong willed person seeking gamekeeping job anywhere in the country.
2 years completed at Myerscough College. DDM in National Diploma Gamekeeping and Countryside management,
 NVQ in Gamekeeping and wildlife management,
Shotgun Licence, Provisional Driving licence
(working toward full),
 FAC licence in progress , NPTC tractor driving certificate,
 NPTC sit astride ATV certificate, NPTC brush cutting certificate of competence ,
 NPTC safe manual handling certificate of competence,
NPTC Risk assessment certificate of competence.
Working gundog and terrier.
Please use this  specific form to contact MAT/sun 

Work Experience/Placement
19 year old student currently studying for an
Fdsc Countryside Management at Harper Adams University requires work placement for 1 year starting autumn 2011.

Over three years experience working on a large lowland pheasant and partridge shoot both unpaid and paid. The estate specialises in Pheasant and Partridge shooting.  Also gained experience in managing Muntjac and Chinese Water deer and been fortunate to take clients out stalking on many occasions.

My second year at University requires me to take a placement either paid or unpaid, and as my eventual aim is to be employed on a large sporting estate, I would be grateful for anyone to give me the opportunity to gain further experience on any type of estate in any capacity.

I have my shotgun and firearms certificates as well as my chainsaw CS30-31, and telehandler and ATV certificates. I have lots of references, and I can supply my full CV.

Thank you
Please use this  specific form to contact OLT/bed 

Underkeeping job in north west area. 

I am 22 and currently looking for work within gamekeeping.
I do not have any experience but I am willing to learn and work hard.  Would like to be gamekeeper in the future. Shotgun certificate and clean driving licence held. Please contact me with any information.

Please use this  specific form to contact CRL/sth 

Keeping job required
Cornwall: Underkeeper/trainee position required by hard-working 18 year old.
2 years experience on Pheasant Shooting/rearing estate as apprentice already and 1 year course at Sparsholt.
Keen, willing & able to travel.

Please use this  specific form to contact BEH/bod 

Gamekeeper role wanted - prepared to relocate
Hampshire: 18 year old young man looking for a job as gamekeeper, under keeper or head keeper within reason. Full time if possible but will take anything. No full driving licence as yet but is underway. Willing to move out of my current area. Any interest please contact me. Many thanks.

Please use this  specific form to contact GRA/bas 

Any job considered ... anywhere
27yr old recently redundant (1st July) due to closure
of shoot, looking for any position.
Single-handed for last four yrs. Certs pa1&6,
fac and shotgun, chainsaw, dsc1,
rat and mouse control atv safe use, meat hygiene,
national diploma in game and fish and nvq2

Please use this  specific form to contact MAR/bas 

Tom, the under-keeper

Hard-worker ... wanting work!
I am 41 years old, with a large family. I am hard-working and reliable. I have no formal qualifications, but have lots of experience in vermin control.  I am looking for a job that comes with a house!  :-)

Please use this  specific form to contact DAM/che 

Currently in Worcestershire
19 years old, having nearly 10 years experience,
have worked as a full time keeper and rearer.

Please use this  specific form to contact OLF/wor 


I have never been lucky enough to pursue Keeping as
a career. I have background experience in keeping
and also help out on a few shoots.
Also experienced in stalking, vermin control,
ghillie and water-bailiff work.

Any additional information please feel free to ask.

Please use this dedicated form to contact FMC/dum  
Nick, one of the guns on keepers day

Head or single handed keeper/stalker position wanted.

Experienced and highly regarded keeper seeks a
new position due to redundancy. 25 years experience,
highly skilled and motivated individual.

Experienced in all forms of game bird shooting and stalking.

Happy to re-locate to continue career.

Please use this dedicated form to contact KBE/uk  

Work Experience Required - 1 day per week

Student, 18yrs, requires one day per week work placement in Okehampton Devon area to enable him to take Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management course at College starting 2011

Please use this dedicated form to contact TST/oke  

Looking for full time work starting in May 2011.

17yr-old, is currently completing a National Certificate in Gamekeeping and Wildlife Conservation at the renowned Elmwood College.

Looking for full time work starting in May 2011.

Very hardworking, enthusiastic and would appreciate some more experience out in the field. Good references available.

Please use this dedicated form to contact EEW/iob  

For a FREE
job advert on here
please contact us.

Job Wanted -
17 year old all out country boy, hard working,18 in May. Currently studying SD 1 in Game Management at Plumpton. Have achieved 2 Distinctions in Agriculture at Brinsbury and a First Diploma in Game Management at Plumpton.

Helped my Dad out on the big shoot shoot he keepered and have also worked as underkeeper on another shoot.

Have experience with rearing pheasants and partridge and in keepering, duck, partridge and pheasants. Have experience in a range of pest and predator control. Full shotgun certificate.

Please use this form to contact APO/wsu

Rocket launching?

Single-handed, beat/under keeper position required.

7 years full time experience, including incubation,
hatching & rearing.

FAC/Shotgun certificates held
and other relevant qualification. Dedicated,
honest and reliable.

Will relocate to anywhere.
Good references available.

Please use this form to contact LEB/toc

Job Wanted
I am currently studying at Sparsholt College in Hampshire,
on the National Diploma in Game and Wildlife Management.

My course finishes in May 2011. Therefore
I am looking for a job in the
 "Game and Wildlife Industry".

I have experience in most aspects: deer, pest control,
rearing etc... I have dsc1, firearms, shot gun, brush cutter,
 ATV, mod, Level 1 in Fisheries Certificates and more.

Hard-working and trustworthy.

Please use this form to contact CWY/cam

Full or p/t keeper position required.

I'm 27 a currently looking for either a full or part time game keeping job.

I have worked in shoots in Sussex and Shropshire,
Dale Park on the South Downs, Rorrington in Wales,
Kempton in Shropshire and Old Hall Shoot in Wales.

I am currently working for a Landrover company.

Please contact me for further information.

Please use this form to contact DEC/lud


Looking for a position around the West-Sussex area.

Offering a wealth of practical experience as well as a
Subsidiary Diploma in Game Management.

Actively involved in every aspect of Gamekeeper
including: catching up, shoot days, hatching etc.
Shotgun licence held from age 6.

Please use this form to contact KIB/wes

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Underkeepers job wanted. 

Stuck in a dead end job at the moment, and would like
an under keepers job.

I'm 42, a grafter, strong and fit.  I have good knowlege of keepering, groundwork, fencing, all aspects of vermin control, countryside management.  Just need a chance. 

Willing to relocate, anywhere.

Please use this form to contact SSM/lan

More birds for the game cart (me!

21 Year old male looking for Beat Keeper/Under Keeper job.

East Sussex based but happy to move away. 

Full clean driving licence and shotgun licence
& waiting to obtain a firearms licence. 

Full National Diploma in Countryside & Game Management
level 3 with extra useful certificate
& 3+ years industry experience including Game Rearing.   

A keen very hard-working and reliable 21 year old  - eager to please and to learn.   Very willing to have a works trial at any
 time.  Covering letter and CV with references available.

Please use this form to contact SAC/esu

Game-keeping work wanted.

Hard working, reliable 21 year old looking for full
or part time game keeping work.

Currently helps out on various shoots and looking
to follow my passion for shooting and gamekeeping.

References available upon request.

Please use this form to contact STL/ham

For a FREE
job advert on here
please contact us.

Gamekeeping Apprenticeship.

I'm looking for an apprenticeship in Gamekeeping.  (Wales).

Please use this form to contact SIW/lla

West Midlands - Underkeeper Job Wanted

Looking for an underkeeping job in the West Midlands area.

I have experience, full clean driving licence
and shotgun licence.

18 years old and very keen to work.

Please use this form to contact ACO/glo

Underkeeper Needing Work. 

 I am an 18 year old studying Countryside Management at Moreton Morrell college.
Looking for underkeeping job from May onwards. Full-time.

Experience in the field and have lived in the countryside all my life. Passionate about the sport and will always try new things.

Please use this form to contact TOS/war

Peter, a former head keeper

Underkeeper Job Wanted -
hard working,honest and reliable 19 year old looking for employment.

1 years full time experience as underkeeper on well known southwest commercial shoot.

Experience with rearing and all aspects of keepering. Just finishing an ND in game and wildlife management.

Please use this form to contact SGO/ham

Under Keeper Position Required - Berks/Hants area

19 yr old looking for an under keeper job in the Berkshire/Hampshire area
but willing to go anywhere in the south.
Completed the FD in Game & Wildlife
& about to finish NC in Gamekeeping, both at Sparsholt.

 Full UK drivers licence, ATV licence,
DSC level 1, shotgun & firearms licence
& Lantra large & small game meat hygiene.

Worked on a local shoot with the keeper for 2 yrs 
as well as on other shoots.

Full CV & references available.

Please use this form to contact ASP/new
An enthusiastic gun.
Paul, the Keeper.

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