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Buy working dog (gundog) food - no VAT!
Working-dog food is specially formulated by the dog food manufacturers for active dogs.  But the constituents vary, so it is worth checking.

Most working-dog foods have a higher fat content (around 20% perhaps) to provide the extra energy that is required of a working dog.  Of course it is possible to provide a basic dog food and add fat content and some owners I know add olive oil to biscuits to provide the extra energy and give their dogs an added sheen to their coats.

But genuine working-dog food may have an advantage or two, particularly as it is VAT exempt so there is no additional 20% tax charge!

Some dogs may be allergic to some constituents - and there are some dog foods specially made to assist in such circumstances.

Owners feed their dogs according to their own beliefs and all I can say is that whatever food is used by the gundog owners I meet, they all seem very fit and able to do the work required of them.
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